About us

Established in 2021, Standard Issue Gear was created to promote the love of gay sexual fetishes. Many people in our communities do not have access to a gay-focused storefront or may not want to be seen at that store as they do not have the luxury of being out. With these scenarios in mind, these men settle for buying lower quality products at adult stores that are not targeted to their needs. Whether you are new to the gay kink world or have been into the scene for a while, Standard Issue Gear will have something for you. While we do not currently offer the cheapest harnesses or gear on the market, we do not offer the most expensive either! Our goal is to offer you a quality product that will not eventually be considered junk in your collection.

That is why standard issue gear was created. This is your store.  

Our Mission
To spread the love of fetish gear to men in the gay community by offering quality leather goods, clothing, and adult novelties at a reasonable cost.

 Our Values

  • We care about the discretion and privacy of our customers
  • We care about our kink community
  • We care about kink shaming and body positivity.
  • We care about the quality of our products we sell.