The FAQ's

When is this store opening?
The store is opening on 8/1/2022. There will be several pre-launch events so stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more!

Who is the owner?
The owner of this store is Josh. He has been working on this store for the last year on the side of his day job of being a supply chain manager. His street cred is that he has worked in supply chain and inventory management for the last 7 years. 

What will this store sell?
The store will sell a wide variety of adult novelty products (lube, toys, cock rings, etc. ) as well as original streetwear (custom tee’s and hats- we own the rights to all our designs) and fetish gear.

Is this store a Shopify store?
Yes, Shopify is the platform that we will use to conduct transactions. The other “more established” sites use the same platform or something similar to it. We maintain all permits as required by the state of Texas (this information is required to work with our wholesalers) and the store is legitimate. 

Will my items be drop shipped?
Depending on what you order, your order could be drop shipped from our novelty supplier’s warehouse or it may be a print-on-demand product. These items are held in warehouses that are in the domestic United States. None of our products comes from Alibaba or Ali-Express and you will not have to wait several weeks to get your order.  Most genuine leather goods and some t-shirts, we maintain inventory on.  Genuine leather goods will ship directly from Texas to your door.

Why dropship?
Reduced overhead passes on savings to you and it is an environmentally conscious decision.  

Why are some of your prices the exact same as other stores?
While we make every attempt to make sure our pricing is cost effective, for some products in our store, the original vendor enforces MAP pricing (minimum advertised pricing), which is the lowest we can sell a product in order to ensure the integrity of their products. 

Is there a brick-and-mortar store?
At this time there is not a brick-and-mortar store. Initially, we want to cater to pop-up events (we work hard, and play harder).

Will my items come from overseas?
Depending on what you order, the original supplier may assemble or source your item overseas. All items are shipped from the domestic US. Our leather supplier assembles and produces over 95% of their products in the US.

I make things, would you be interested in selling my product?
We are 100% about see others in our community thrive. Send us an email. Let’s talk.